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These are some of the many articles created by Master Lambert over the years on many Martial Arts topics.

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Master Lambert gathered much information on many individual pressure point for learning purposes.

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Grand Master L. P. Lambert

…to cultivate, promote, and teach you the student of the martial arts, the use of cavity striking used at one time in the martial arts…

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multiple attacker defense using kata

How to defend against multiple attackers

Here are 3 methods of how to fight against multiple attackers in a streetlight taught by Grand Master Moran. One of the worst parts about fighting multiple attackers is the[…]

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real world kata

Kata For The Real World

In this video Grand Master Moran shows how to use some moves found in kata in the real world. Pressure points can be added to almost all strikes to make[…]

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How to strike pressure points

Pressure Points and How to Strike Them

Grand Master Lambert and Grand Master Moran have taught hundreds if not thousands of students over the years. I have had the pleasure of training with both of them. Pressure[…]

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