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These are some of the many articles created by Master Lambert over the years on many Martial Arts topics.

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Master Lambert gathered much information on many individual pressure point for learning purposes.

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Grand Master L. P. Lambert

…to cultivate, promote, and teach you the student of the martial arts, the use of cavity striking used at one time in the martial arts…

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Naihanchi defense for one hand neck grab

Naihanchi defense for one hand neck grab

Naihanchi defense for one hand neck grab This is an oldy but goody from Master Moran on the use of Naihanchi kata pressure points and self defense. Please tell us[…]

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gaishoho Pressure Point


CAVITY POINT Gaishoho. NAME: Gaishoho, (gai) Injure, harm, hurt, damage (shoho) recommendation or prescription for injury. ACUPOINT: Non acu-point. LOCATION: One half inch above PC # 6, on the Pericardium meridian, on the[…]

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Koori Pressure Point


CAVITY POINT Koori. NAME: Koori Translation, two words, Koo “ simultaneously in two different directions” and Ri, “advantage”, or Simultaneous, two way advantage. PRESSURE POINT: Liver # 3 also called Tai Chung.[…]

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